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THEN:Zane Mcfadden had given everything to be a Los Angeles cop: his health, his family, his sanity… Now Zane only cared about one thing…The scrapbook had become Zanes very own special cross to bear. Page after page of unsolved murder cases from the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s would lead Zane down a path of obsession and self-destruction until eventually he comes face-to-face with a nine-year-old hitman.Now:A new century is here and Peter Beta has received an old scrapbook as a gift. He was just an avid collector of horror items—this shouldnt have to be his burden. But the sins of others found their way out of the old book and worked their way into his flesh. Now he must show the world the cruelty of mankind through a non-stop bible of atrocity playing endlessly across his skin, constantly moving and constantly screaming… for release.

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