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Graham Mastertons Spirit is his 1995 attempt at writing the classic ghost story - with a twist. Known for incorporation of various legends and myths into his horror fiction, in Spirit Masterton reaches for a source more widely known to most readers - Hans Christians Andersen classic fairy tale, The Snow Queen.The novel starts with a deceptive quietness in 1940s Connecticut, with the introduction of the Buchanan sisters - Elizabeth, Laura and Peggy. The three young girls know Andersens story and like to reenact it, and its a particular favorite of Peggy, the youngest one. However everything changes when on one snowy day Peggy dies in a tragic accident - imagining herself to be the snow queen, she walked on ice which covered the familys swimming pool, and it broke under her weight. Both Elizabeth and Laura are too young to fully comprehend and be affected by Peggys death, but their parents are - the fathers grief ages him rapidly, and the mothers overcomes her to the point that she has to be admitted to a mental hospital.Both Elizabeth and Laura grow up and try to live normal lives and pursue their dreams, but they soon realize that they are not alone. There is something which they always seem to see in the corner of their eyes, a glimpse of something familiar but also strange and upsetting. Soon people with whom they came in contact start dying in mysterious - and gruesome - circumstances, which defy rational explanation. Both Elizabeth and Laura start to suspect that its their little sister, Peggy, who is acting from the afterlife - but the spirit that they seek out does not look or act like her. Why is this strange haunting happening to them, and how they can get rid of it before it harms other people?Masterton is at his best early in the novel, where he created a genuine atmosphere of sadness with the family coping with grief. His descriptions and imagery of the setting pay homage to the fairy tale which inspired him - blizzards, snowy landscapes, image of a little pale girls standing in the distance, watching from afar. Although he is a British author he sets most of his work in the U.S., and this is no exception - though occasionally it leads to small linguistic blunders which must have escaped the editorial process, as I doubt that any American would open the boot of a car (why would a car need shoes??) and speak with us in honour, colour, etc. However, when the two sisters try to understand the nature of the apparition the problems begin. Spirit promotes a different theory instead of the usual haunting, which is interesting, but becomes tired very quickly as characters spend pages pondering it, and leads to more contrivance - and silliness - as they try to find a way to get rid of it. Actions of the characters are often unbelievable, as they often are clueless of whats happening around them when they have had paranormal experiences for years - which really makes the novel seems longer than it should be. Like in most of Mastertons novels characters die in gruesome and spectacular ways, but unlike in most these deaths are not pure shock value but have a genuinely horrific atmosphere to them - creative and chilling, and not completely outrageous and outlandish to be ridiculous. Still, the book seems to run out of air nearing the end, and the ending is rather rushed and vaguely unsatisfying. Despite these flaws, Mastertons novel is an interesting - if ultimately minor - twist on the classic fairy tale. Despite predictability and some overlong parts it reads pretty fast, and the horrific imagery that he presents is strong. One might have wished for a stronger storyline which would the horror justice, but such the case is still to be discovered by me and my search for good contemporary horror novels continues.

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